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If you believe that you have located a message board that violates our Terms of Service, please fill out the form below. Although our Terms of Service have no third-party beneficiaries, we want to hear from you. Please note that your first contact should usually always be a message board's owner.

Please keep in mind that Boardhost does not, and could not monitor the activities that occur on each of our customers' message boards. Each day, tens of thousands of messages are posted through our service by third parties.

Furthermore, although it may seem obvious to you that a particular message is untrue and/or objectionable, it may not seem obvious to us. We do not have the means to verify the truth or falsity of most messages posted, and businesses such as ours could not operate economically if we had to try to sort out every dispute over the accuracy of a posted message. Recognizing this, Congress enacted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to promote free speech on the Internet. It ensures that service providers, such as Boardhost, do not have to "police" such content or interject themselves into situations which they likely know nothing about. Per §230 Boardhost cannot be held legally responsible for the content of any messages posted to our service by third parties. Likewise, Boardhost has sole discretion under its TOS to decide whether to remove a posting or terminate an account.

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