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q. How can I post an image with my message?

a. To post an image, you'll need to enter the full URL of the image in the "Optional Image URL" box. An example of a full URL is After entering the URL, simply click "Add" and then you can repeat, if desired.

q. I have an image on my hard drive that I would like to post. How can I post it to my message board?

a. First of all, you'll need to find a place on the internet to store the image. Most likely, you have space available where your website is hosted. There are also places that make it easy to upload images, such as

q. What if there isn't an "Optional Image URL" box? Is there another way to post an image?

a. If the administrator does not have allow images on their board, but does allow HTML on their board, you can use HTML code to post your image. An example of this is <img src=>.

q. I've posted an image correctly, but it is STILL now showing up. What's going on?

Some free webspace providers do not allow you to remotely load images from their servers. The image may be showing up the first few times you visit your board after you add them, just because it is stored in your browser's cache from viewing it previously. If you want the image to display correctly, you may need to find another place to store your images.

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