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Long before there even was a YouTube or Facebook, we were already giving away free message boards. We'll be here for you in the future as well. Instantly create a Boardhost forum that allows you unlimited categories, postings, users, and even pageviews, or create a classic Boardhost message board, loved by our customers for its ease of use. Over the years we have become known for our service's speed and reliability. Our service is easy enough for beginners, yet contains high powered tools that advanced users crave.

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Your Forum, Completely Unlimited
Have just one forum, or split your forum into as many categories, forums, and sub-forums as you like. Each section can receive and hold an unlimited number of postings, and has no bandwidth or pageview limitations.

Powerful Moderation Tools
Not only can you edit postings, "lock" them, "pin" them to the top of a forum, move them from forum to forum, and more, you can also appoint an unlimited number of moderators that can do the same.

Detailed Administration Area
Control virtually every aspect of your forum. Set up censored words, time and date preferences, and much more simply by visiting your forum's built-in Administration Area.

Advanced Customization Options
We want your forum to look exactly how you want it to. Not only can you add a fully HTML-enabled header and footer area, you can choose your own colors, or dive deep into the CSS if you prefer.

Easy to Use
We've worked hard to make our service easy enough for beginners to use, but still loaded with powerful features. We would love to host your forum, and hope you will create one now! To get started, just think of a great username and put it into the box at the top. If you have any questions, we're here to help.